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Our Philosophy



Reaching highest possible quality standards to ensure the highest satisfaction of each customer!


The main goal of our existence is the comprehensive and invariably satisfaction of our customers!

We absolutely ensure the highest quality standards due to precise selection and assortment of only the best manufacturers. 

Over all the years in the automotive industry we were allowed to get a profound knowledge about all the different customer styles. With the help of those discovery journeys and the out coming insights, Repair Tires & Tubes Balkan itself, learned inconceivable important behavior rules!


The seamlessly interlocking cogs in the form of strong partnerships and the awareness of responsibility regarding our customers, partners and employees have become the base of our success.


Loyalty, adaptability, as well as the joy of discovery and courtesy influenced our way through all the years. We strive for long-term relationships with suppliers to ensure long-term customer loyalty concepts to bear fruit.


On the learned basis we have been developing  a customized system from one source which includes both our harmonized products and services. With product and application technology trainings in our collaborating parner's own training centers we communicate the necessary know-how to our customers. 




Fundamental idea:

Satisfy the customer with a solution from one source!